California’s first in the nation task force released a report detailing how America’s legacy of slavery and racism has resulted in unique harms over generations of Black Americans.

Back in March 2022, the taskforce voted to limit reparations to ”descendants of free, enslaved Black people in the U.S in the 19th century.”

A final report will be issued by summer 2023

The full report from the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans is available online.(Click to read)

Please read full report to read Key Findings & Executive Summary

Summary :

Preliminary Recommendations for Future Deliberation (Source: OAG )

Enslavement : End legal slavery in California by doing the following… (Read full report)

Racial Terror : Make it easier to hold law enforcement accountable for unlawful harassment and violence…

Political Disenfranchisement : Create forms of acknowledgement and apology for acts of political disenfranchisement…

Housing Segregation: Identify and eliminate anti-Black housing discrimination policies practices…

Separate and Unequal Education

Racism in Environment and Infrastructure : Identify and address the impact of environmental racism on predominantly Black communities….

Pathologizing Black Families : Compensate families who were denied familial inheritances by way of racist anti-miscegenation statues….

Control Over Creative Cultural and Intellectual Life

Stolen Labor and Hindered Opportunity

An Unjust Legal System

Mental & Physical Harm and Neglect

The Wealth Gap

The California African American Freedmen Affairs Agency


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After Reparations Study Suggests $151 Million for Each African American, Experts say Money Alone Isn’t Enough – Newsweek (Click to read full article)

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